Training Compliance

From anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing awareness to anti-corruption, KYC, asset freezing and the detection of forged documents and tax fraud, we offer a wide range of modules to cover all your needs.

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Formation Compliance Luxembourg

AML Luxembourg Training

This training course is perfect for newcomers to your company, whether in sales or back-office positions, and will make everyone aware of what’s at stake...
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

KYC Training Luxembourg

Training for analysts, compliance officers and even back-office staff to establish best practices. Whether you’re a financial institution, a start-up company subject to tax or...
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

Transaction monitoring training Luxembourg

A training course for analysts and compliance officers, enabling them to define and identify the right indicators for money laundering, tax fraud, terrorist financing, corruption...
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

Corruption prevention training Luxembourg

This training course is aimed at all sales staff working for companies in the industrial sector, as well as compliance officers and top management. It...
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

Anti-Terrorist Financing Training Luxembourg

A training course for analysts and compliance officers, enabling them to spot clues specific to this very particular type of financing, and to train them...
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

Full training or à la carte

Kaufhold & Reveillaud Avocats, Luxembourg’s state-approved training organization, also offers a comprehensive à la carte training program with modules covering all the knowledge we offer....
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

Training to combat document fraud

Training for all front-line operators in the public and private sectors, as well as for compliance officers. It will lay the foundations for document fraud,...

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