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Looking to the future, firmly rooted in a long tradition of excellent results

We are an independent and responsible law firm made up of local and international lawyers with varied backgrounds, driven by a shared desire to succeed for their clients.

As a multinational, multilingual team, Kaufhold & Reveillaud, Avocats is committed to providing the personalized approach our clients deserve. Backed by decades of experience, we understand that quality solutions must constantly evolve.

Our modern services reflect the changing needs of individuals and businesses, while remaining true to our tradition of excellence. We provide simple services, complex solutions and everything in between, drawing on our wide range of expertise: corporate law and finance, M&A, bond issuance and listing, fintech and banking law, investment funds and litigation, civil and commercial law, employment law, family law, criminal law, intellectual property, IT law and administrative law.

The gateway to Europe and beyond


This country may be small, but it thinks big, and what is a major flaw, it turns into an opportunity. The Luxembourg government strongly supports innovation, technology and business. Thanks to its banking expertise, data protection, modern regulations, developed ICT infrastructure and diverse society, Luxembourg’s economy and start-up ecosystem are flourishing. The country’s regulators, investors, incubators and gas pedals are adapting to the changing needs of innovative products and service providers. A leader in fund management, banking and financial technologies, the Grand Duchy attracts leading companies of all sizes and sectors, attracted by the government’s support for new services, products and technologies. Here, the right contact is never far away.

The assurance of quality service

BLL Consulting becomes BLL Academy by Kaufhold & Reveillaud

BLL Consulting, was founded in 2019 by Sandra BIRTEL following her previous professional experience, well aware of the lack of training among experts in the field and above all the lack of information and support offered to smaller structures. One of the structure’s major projects was to create the BLL Academy, the first training platform dedicated to regulatory issues, which now includes the law firm Kaufhold & Reveillaud, of which Sandra, who became a lawyer a few years earlier, is a partner.

This logical evolution has enabled us to offer our customers an even wider range of services, but always with the same passion.


Member of the Luxembourg Bar - Founder

Originally from the Grand-Est region of France, Maître BIRTEL turned to the legal profession at an early age. After graduating from high school, she naturally went on to study law. She then completed her first two years of law studies at the University of Aix-Marseille and, thanks to her excellent results, joined the Académie de Droit of the Aix-en-Provence Faculty of Law, as well as the renowned Institut Portalis. After graduating with a degree in private law from Nancy Law School, then a Master 1 in private law from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, she decided to add a DU in Criminal Sciences and Profiling to her course at the University of Toulouse Capitole. In order to further her academic career, Maître BIRTEL has chosen to follow a Master 2 Compliance officer at the Faculté de Strasbourg and a Master 2 Sécurité Intérieure at the Faculté de Droit de Nice.

She finally passed the CCDL and is now continuing her research as a doctoral student at Strasbourg’s École Doctorale de Sciences juridiques on the following thesis topic: De la compliance aux renseignements financiers, l’implication du secteur privé dans des questions de sécurité nationale.

In addition to her studies, Maître BIRTEL has worked as a legal consultant in France, Luxembourg and Belgium, dealing with compliance issues and, in particular, the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Then compliance officer with investment funds and banks in the Luxembourg marketplace, she went on to found several companies, BLL Consulting and Regmate, in the same business sector.

Also an author, lecturer and editor-in-chief of a Luxembourg magazine, Maître BIRTEL is a frequent guest lecturer at French universities and private schools.

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