Training to combat document fraud

Training for all front-line operators in the public and private sectors, as well as for compliance officers. It will lay the foundations for document fraud, from the recognition of security keys on identity documents from different countries to falsified information on a payslip.

Training given by Mr Jérôme Lovergne, expert and analyst in document fraud.

In detail :

Training lasting from 4 to 12 hours, depending on audience composition and needs.

All our training courses can be held by videoconference, on site or in a dedicated training room.

They all include a multiple-choice test, validated by a pass certificate.

A digital booklet and/or a paper booklet will also be available, with each module ending with a printable practical sheet summarizing all the important points.

Program :

  • Use of a third-party document, the look-alike
  • Key points of facial recognition
  • Definition of current standards for secure documents
  • Description of the security features of identity documents: FR, BE, LU, PT, IT …
  • Description of control points on invoices, pay slips, etc.
  • Practical work session on real fake documents

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