Transaction monitoring training Luxembourg

A training course for analysts and compliance officers, enabling them to define and identify the right indicators for money laundering, tax fraud, terrorist financing, corruption and any other offences that need to be detected. Whether you’re a financial institution, a start-up company or a self-employed person with a thirst for knowledge, all our training courses are totally modular and adaptable to the issues that affect you. However, there is a common core of fundamental points.

In detail :

Training lasting from 2 to 8 hours, depending on audience composition and needs.

All our training courses can be held by videoconference, on site or in a dedicated training room.

They all include a multiple-choice test, validated by a pass certificate.

A digital booklet and/or a paper booklet will also be available, with each module ending with a printable practical sheet summarizing all the important points.

Program :


  • Detection of unusual transactions
  • Identifying the origin and destination of funds
  • Reporting to the FIU
  • Detection of criminal offences through transactions
  • Focus on tax and VAT fraud
  • Case studies


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