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Whatever your situation, our wide-ranging legal expertise can help you overcome the obstacles to your peace of mind.

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Startups & Innovation

We love law & talk tech

Startups face enough risks. Let’s eliminate some of them.

Intellectual property & information technology law

Defending your hard work

Move as fast as innovation to protect your ideas.

Investment funds

Support throughout the life of the fund

With your objectives as our starting point, we’ll find the optimum solution for you.

Criminal Law

Protecting your rights and reputation

Protecting your interests & defending your rights.

Family Law

Legal assistance closer to home

Helping you take care of yourself, your property & your loved ones during periods of transition.

European law, antitrust & competition

Avoid any risk

We advise you to comply with competition rules to avoid any fines and damage to the reputation of your business

Banking & Finance

Responsible, compliant solutions

An active member, advisor & ally of the local and international financial communities.


A path with multiple purposes

We develop customized securitization vehicles that reflect your objectives.

Company & M&A

By your side every step of the way

Our team is at the service of companies throughout their existence.

Employment law

Guidance on social security and employment law

Keep your working environment running smoothly so that even hard knocks don’t slow you down.

Real estate law

Building opportunities

Gather the facts & estimate the effects to certify that your business is sound.

Civil & Commercial Law

Gaining the upper hand

Protecting your interests & moving you forward quickly in disputes so you can get on with your & life & business.

Regulatory compliance

Staying one step ahead of regulations

Manage risks & secure the future of your assets or your business without wasting a single minute.

Insurance law

In-depth industry knowledge

Whether it’s insurance or reinsurance, we cover your risks.

Administrative Law

Administrative law from A to Z

Paving the way for exceptional projects by bringing public & private parties together on the same wavelength.
Kaufhold & Reveillaud - Etude d'Avocats à Luxembourg

The Kaufhold & Reveillaud study:

As a multinational, multilingual team, Kaufhold & Reveillaud, Avocats is committed to providing the personalized approach our clients deserve. Backed by decades of experience, we understand that quality solutions must constantly evolve.


Our lawyers

Experts at your service

Attorney at law, Managing Partner

"Listening to you, accompanying you and supporting you with strength, resilience and wisdom."

Emmanuel Réveillaud

Lawyer, Partner

"Courage is in action, but intelligence is in prevention, so stay one step ahead."

Sandra Birtel

Attorney at law, Partner

"Attentive and responsive: defending your interests is my priority."

Franca Allegra

Lawyer, Partner

"Putting all my energy and technical skills at the service of my customers is my motto."

Matthieu Groetzinger

Attorney at law, Partner

"Advising and defending you with rigor and determination"

Bob Biver

Attorney at law, Partner

"There's a solution to every problem: that's my credo."

Gabriel BLESER

Attorney at law

Paul Hammelmann

Attorney at law

"Intelligence is all about keeping it simple"

Charles Kaufhold


"Efficiency in simplicity."

Annaëlle Seiwert


"Excellence in detail, coupled with an innovative vision: that's my credo."

Jeff Braun


"Involvement and enthusiasm are my watchwords."

Elhoussein Ouled Larabi


"Never give up"

Alvaro Ricci


"We are slaves to the law in order to be free."

Giulio Ricci


"Take the time to think, but when it's time to act, stop thinking and go for it."

Anthony Cardinaux


"Your trusted partner throughout the life of your company and your business."

Delphine de Timary

Our training courses

Kaufhold & Reveillaud, a Luxembourg-based law firm at the cutting edge of current affairs, offers training courses on a variety of subjects.

Formation Compliance Luxembourg

AML Luxembourg Training

This training course is perfect for newcomers to your company, whether in sales or back-office positions, and will make everyone aware of what’s at stake...
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

KYC Training Luxembourg

Training for analysts, compliance officers and even back-office staff to establish best practices. Whether you’re a financial institution, a start-up company subject to tax or...
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

Transaction monitoring training Luxembourg

A training course for analysts and compliance officers, enabling them to define and identify the right indicators for money laundering, tax fraud, terrorist financing, corruption...
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

Corruption prevention training Luxembourg

This training course is aimed at all sales staff working for companies in the industrial sector, as well as compliance officers and top management. It...
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

Anti-Terrorist Financing Training Luxembourg

A training course for analysts and compliance officers, enabling them to spot clues specific to this very particular type of financing, and to train them...
Formation Compliance Luxembourg

Full training or à la carte

Kaufhold & Reveillaud Avocats, Luxembourg’s state-approved training organization, also offers a comprehensive à la carte training program with modules covering all the knowledge we offer....


Articles :

9 August 2022

NFT, could we see the birth of official certified blockchain documents?

INTRODUCTION The use of physical documents is cumbersome, and the world is moving towards the use of digital documents. These...
9 August 2022

Angola and corruption, a family affair

Introduction The José Eduardo dos Santos affair can undoubtedly be described as the most important case of embezzlement of public...
4 August 2022

Second parental leave and dismissal

Parents wishing to exercise their right to a second parental leave must notify their employer of their request by registered...
13 June 2022

Letter of intent, explanations

In theory, the formation of a contract arises from the simple meeting of an offer and an acceptance. In practice,...
29 May 2022

MAY 17 – International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia

Kaufhold & Réveillaud supports the fight against homophobia and transphobia and takes this opportunity to get back on the right...
23 May 2022

Adoption law in Luxembourg, summary

Kaufhold & Réveillaud supports the fight against homophobia and transphobia, and takes this opportunity to review the adoption rights of...

Books :

Cyber and compliance review

Revue Cyber & Conformité is the first European magazine to bridge the gap between the financial and cyber worlds. Two...

Compliance Code

Collection of international, European and national texts. This code is a tool for everyone. A comprehensive tool covering all applicable...

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