Employment law

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Guidance on social security and employment law

Labor law covers all the transactions that intersect the world of employment & social security, requiring both an overview and an acute awareness of the smallest detail. Our business customers come to us for assistance with individual or collective dismissals, resignations, out-of-court settlements, employment contracts, secondments & more. Most actions have far-reaching legal ramifications, such as international hiring or breach of contract for employer bankruptcy. For employees, employment law services can cover workplace accidents, employee representation, unfair dismissal litigation, recovery of back pay & contract review. In today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s essential for companies & individuals to know their rights, so as to create the best possible situation for themselves in this context.

Breach of contract procedures
Wage representation
Secondment & cross-border work
Company restructuring & transfer
Individual and collective labor relations litigation
Disability, annuity & retirement pension procedures
Internal regulations & work plans
Employee surveillance documents (Luxembourg Personal Data Protection Act of August 2, 2002)
Work accidents & retraining procedures
Health & safety at work
Employment contracts

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