Series: RGPD in 3 questions

Since the entry into force of the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (RGPD), Kaufhold & Reveillaud, Avocats has decided to create a specific department relating to the protection of personal data in order to best serve its clients. One of this department’s activities includes carrying out diagnostics to assess its customers’ compliance with the RGPD. Jeff Braun, a lawyer specializing in new technologies and data protection, provides some clarification.

1) Generally speaking, how would you describe the data protection conformity assessment process?

“Like a photograph, a compliance diagnosis provides a snapshot of the company at a given point in time. Before carrying out such an assessment, we carry out a customer analysis to gain a better understanding of the customer’s sector of activity and its specific features. Indeed, although the general structure of conformity assessments is identical for many of our customers, the particularities of a specific sector of activity have to be taken into account. The diagnosis made by a dentist will be different from that made by a baker, a trustee or a professional in the financial sector. In this way, we strive to tailor a solution to the type of customer we are assessing. Many of our customers are unfamiliar with the RGPD, so we explain the main lines and mechanisms of the RGPD in a pragmatic way that’s tailored to their situation. The assessment we offer is an interactive exchange between the customer and KR. Indeed, thanks to the inventory we’ve set up, it’s very easy to identify the customer’s needs in terms of personal data protection.


2) Following the compliance assessment, what solutions do you provide to your customers to ensure they are RGPD compliant?

“Once we have carried out a compliance diagnosis, and thanks to our inventory, we produce a detailed, tailor-made offer to meet our customers’ needs. This offer can take the form of a package in which we draw up the documents required by the customer according to the needs assessed following the diagnosis.

3) What are the advantages of opting for the RGPD by Kaufhold & Reveillaud, Avocats package?

“Simplicity and efficiency. These are the watchwords that are recurrent among our customers who have opted for the GDPR by KR package. Our package, a genuine turnkey solution at a very competitive price, contains everything customers need to be compliant and update themselves. Indeed, the Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données (CNPD) carries out data protection audits based on business sectors. Recent fines imposed by national data protection authorities in Europe have had a dissuasive effect on many business players. That’s why so many companies have turned to us for peace of mind when it comes to personal data protection.”


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