Lawyers Head to Laos to Examine Organized Crime at ILSTA

On February 11-13, key Laotian stakeholders and international experts converged at the National Convention Center in Vientiane, Laos. The theme of organized crime was explored from the perspectives of money laundering and mutual legal assistance.

One of the international experts was Kaufhold & Reveillaud lawyer Jeff Braun, who was invited to speak on the regulatory challenges of cryptocurrencies, a topic that is growing increasingly relevant across all nations. After emphasizes the complex challenges that arise, he noted that cryptocurrencies are not inherently bad, even though they are banned in Laos and often employed by cybercriminals. While Bitcoin, for example, fundamentally limits the control of banks, it empowers individuals to make speedy, anonymous financial transactions. The host of challenges this presents requires authorities to engage appropriate legal and technical assistance.

Aside from presentations, the event centered around case studies and mock trials to help illustrate the current state of organized crime. Max Muller, Senior Lawyer, Kaufhold & Reveillaud, Avocats, received the opportunity to participate in that trial.



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