Kaufhold & Reveillaud, Avocats Team Completes Luxemburger Wort BusinessRun

Luxembourg; September 22, 2016: Five of Kaufhold & Réveillaud, Avocats’s lawyers and its office manager participated in the second-annual Luxemburger Wort BusinessRun. A total of 2,400 runners took part in the evening event, a thousand more than the previous year.


The two teams of three completed the scenic 6km loop around the Kirchberg Plateau and arrived side by side at the finish line in the Coque arena. Brigitte Czoske, Catherine Delsaux-Schoy and Michèle Medernach comprised one team, while Sabrina Salvador, Christine Louis-Haberer and Isabelle Altmann were on the other.


Though still fairly new, the race garners a high level of enthusiasm, with runners coming out to enjoy an evening of exercise and festivities while spending quality time with colleagues.


While Kaufhold & Réveillaud, Avocats has run in the ING Night Marathon before, this is the first time it has participated in the BusinessRun and looks forward to representing again next year.

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