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Promoters, developers, investment funds & other real-estate market participants look to Kaufhold & Reveillaud, Avocats for thorough legal support at any stage of their ventures. When acquiring land or property, the full gamut of hidden factors should be assessed for present or future risk. The effects of ongoing contracts, lease agreements, debt levels, permits & authorizations are not always obvious. Assessing the residual legal impacts of a change of ownership & obtaining necessary guarantees is an important role that our firm assumes in that process. Negotiating the terms of the deal itself presents another key moment — encompassing warranties, environmental assessments, lease limits, red flags & more. Harnessing real estate as an investment or financing avenue can prove fruitful for businesses, families & individuals, but only when all of the factors are wisely considered. From large commercial projects to contracts with architects & other stakeholders, our team truly grasps the intricacies of this sector on both a local & global scale.

→ Mortgages & financing
→ Stakeholders contracts: architects, developers, etc.
→ Homeowners association agreements
→ Real estate investments 
→ Acquisitions, sales & leases
→ Foreclosures
→ Property management
→ Commercial real estate matters

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