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Investment Funds

Based in Luxembourg, the world’s second-largest investment fund center after the US, Kaufhold & Reveillaud, Avocats possesses uniquely in-depth knowledge of fund setup & management. Our experienced investment fund team can set up all varieties of regulated & unregulated investment vehicles: UCITs, UCIs, SIFs, SICARs, etc. Starting with your strategic objectives, regulatory realities & resources, we help you establish & manage the ideal fund for you. Our experts have handled the liquidation of UCITs & SIF Funds, including funds whose assets were adversely affected by the Madoff fraud. The critical nature of this work in a stifling economic environment contributed to our team's skills in complex liquidations. With knowledge of both local Luxembourgish funds & global solutions, we can help bring your investment fund solution to fruition.

→ Structuring & establishing fund vehicles & sub-funds
→ Listing funds on public markets
→ Compliance & regulatory risk management
→ Fund mergers & restructuring
→ Winding up & liquidation (incl. as company liquidator)
→ Institutional & retail fundraising
→ Liaising with Luxembourg’s financial sector authority (CSSF)

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