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Civil &Commercial Law

Our long-standing relationships & broad litigation knowledge position us to resolve the legal disputes that arise in your business & personal life. We negotiate settlements, provide arbitration & handle tort claims related to insurance, construction, real estate, tax disputes, product liability & beyond. For individuals & companies, issues of civil law arise frequently & require a variety of corresponding services: the management of bankruptcy proceedings, sales contracts, portfolio management terms & conditions, neighborhood dispute resolution, consumer protection, residential & commercial leases, lease renewals & termination of lease agreements. During these high-pressure moments in a client’s life, we step in to advise, represent or support them. Our role is to protect your interests & secure the best possible outcome for you during conflicts with business partners, shareholders, insurance companies, debt collectors or other opponents.

→ Seizure: bank accounts, property, etc.
→ Contract law: Negotiation, terms & conditions, guarantee agreements
→ Legal opinions & court proceedings
→ Bankruptcy & insolvency: seniority claims, defense, appeal, etc.
→ Creditor proof of debt
→ Tort: tortuous, contractual & civil liability; banker’s liability, etc.
→ Arbitration & mediation
→ Landlord & tenant law: pre-litigation & litigation

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