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Labor Law

Labor law covers all transactions that intersect the world of employment & social security, requiring both big-picture knowledge & awareness of the smallest details. Corporate clients come to us for assistance related to individual or collective dismissals, resignations, out-of-court settlements, employment contracts, secondments & beyond. Most actions have extensive legal ramifications, such as international hiring or contract terminations due to employer bankruptcy. For employees, labor law services may cover work-place injuries, staff representation, unfair dismissal litigation, recovery of wage arrears & contract review. In the modern, competitive work environment, it is essential that companies & individuals know their rights & create an optimal situation for themselves within that framework.

→ Contract termination procedures
→ Occupational health & safety
→ Workplace injuries & redeployment proceedings
→ Employee representation 
→ Restructuring & transfer of business
→ Disability pension, annuity & retirement pension proceedings
→ Employment contracts
→ Secondment & cross-border work
→ Litigation on individual & collective working relations
→ Internal regulations & work plans
→ Employee surveillance documents (LU’s Data Protection law of Aug. 2, 2002)

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