The company-government relationship

Public Law

Through a multidisciplinary approach, we help address the legal requirements of municipalities, authorities, government agencies, non-profits, & building & development companies. We bridge public requirements & the client’s project vision. With regards to urban planning & building, responsibilities include applications for administrative planning permission & demolition licenses, Special Development Plan & General Development Plan proceedings, classified building proceedings, as well as contentious & non-contentious proceedings before the courts. Because public life is multi-faceted, public law should be handled by a multidisciplinary team. Whether we are helping a European public institution set up a public-private partnership between member states or a local company get the green light for a project, Kaufhold & Reveillaud, Avocats builds strategic legal task forces tailored to the specificities of each file.

→ Public data & spending
→ Urban planning
→ Authorizations & licensing
→ Public procurement
→ Shipping & logistics law
→ Immigration law
→ Tax assessment litigation
→ Human rights

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