“I’ve always been drawn to understanding the rules that regulate everyday life in our society, in particular how they create rights & obligations. By arguing before the courts, lawyers can influence the evolution of the legal system. I began my career within the litigation department of a Luxembourgish law firm. With the goal of expanding my expertise in client advising & court representation, I joined Kaufhold & Reveillaud’s litigation department & have been a senior associate since 2015. Being especially interested in how a company operates, I understood that the management of the employer-employee relationship is at its core. This is why I chose to specialize in labor law, which covers, among others, social security law, civil & commercial law, property law, tenancy law, liability law, banking & insurance law.”


Ministry of Justice, Luxembourg: Certificate of Complementary Education in Luxembourgish Law, 2010


University of Luxembourg: LLM in European Business Laws, 2009


University UCL of Louvain-La-Neuve: Law degree, specialization in corporate law, 2008


University FUNDP of Namur: first two-year university study cycle, 2005


Employment law
Social law
Commercial law
Real property law
Construction law
Tenancy law
Liability law
Banking litigation