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Article Icon Luxembourg’s Fintech Future January 23, 2017
Interview with Lawyer Nazim Faid on the meteoric rise of the local startup scene & how it is defining tomorrow’s financial industry What do Berlin, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Luxembourg have in common?

All of them qualify as fintech hubs in their own right. Rewind a mere five years, however, and the Grand Duchy would not have made the list. ...
Article Icon Taking on a Modern-Day Goliath July 17, 2016
Interview with Lawyer (Maître) Sabrina Salvador on Holding Google Accountable We have all done it: searched ourselves on Google just to see what pops up. Most of us find benign memories of past graduations, sporting endeavors or professional milestones.

Imagine, however, that the “you” that shows up online has little to do ...


Article Icon Luxembourg Real Estate Investments October 10, 2017
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg offers a host of possibilities for real estate investments both inside Luxembourg and abroad. With a well-known, first-class legal framework in place and high standards of investor protection, the Luxembourg real estate market earned approximately €1.1 billion in 2015 and €1.35 billion in 2016. The amount of net assets invested in real estate funds has continued to grow over the years and the flow of transactions exceeded the billion-euro mark for the third-consecutive time. ...
Article Icon New transfer pricing rules & tax tools July 31, 2017
A Solution that Redefines Fund Manager & CSSF Roles The Luxembourg tax authorities issued a new circular on December 27, 2016 for the fiscal treatment of intra-group financial transactions effective as from January 1, 2017 (the “Circular”).

The Circular replaced two previous circulars from 2011 and introduced, among others, ...
Article Icon Modernisation of Corporate Governance Rules July 10, 2017
Corporate governance has become a hot topic, both for professionals of the financial sector supervised by the Luxembourg financial sector regulator and for companies with shares listed on a regulated market. In recent years significant progress has been made in the quest for an optimal balance between performance and the control and prevention of risks.

For unregulated holding companies that are not listed on a regulated ...
Article Icon The European Order for Payment Procedure September 21, 2016
A Powerful Tool for Recovering Monetary Assets With 10 years in force and counting, the European Order for Payment (EOP) Procedure has successfully simplified and improved cross-border litigation in Europe. Despite its effectiveness, it has largely avoided the limelight and is a tool for recovering overdue payments that deserves some attention.

Reflecting Europe’s shift toward a single market, ...
Article Icon Introducing the RAIF July 17, 2016
A Solution that Redefines Fund Manager & CSSF Roles On July 14, 2016, Luxembourg’s Parliament approved the law on reserved alternative investment funds (RAIFs), providing the missing link first overlooked by the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive of 2011.

Until now, all alternative investment funds required initial approval from the CSSF, Luxembourg’s supervisory body, in addition to the integration ...
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